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SkypeStep SkypeStep

Rated 5 / 5 stars


dont really like dubstep but really good samples n melodys

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(oldteeniezuccini(veryawesome) (oldteeniezuccini(veryawesome)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice dude!

This is awesome man, Love the breakdown (probs because you used my JS to recorded it :) )

Scrogginaut responds:

well the js100 is a beautiful guitar!

Didgeridoo Industrial Didgeridoo Industrial

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Dude honestly...

This sucks really bad, you think your so fucking awsome with your over cut digeridoo, fucking annoying drumbeats with shitty mixed high hats and/or bad use of resonance and cut-off filters, yet you make fun of me saying it sucks.

Honstly if we were to make a song to verse each other in sampling knowlege and use of it, I would kick your ass at it so bad it wouldn't be even slightly funny.

Dont use my Newgrounds shit as an example because I know it sucks, but my current shit isn't uploaded because Newgrounds wont let me upload because of an internet problem.

You try to make fun of me by dissing me on how my old metal is montonious (when you have shit like killswitch engage on your favourite music list in your profile, the only thing good in there is Steve Vai) or by dissing my mom or dad or saying a sheep has a penis (Which they don't you stupid fuck) or by saying I fuck things but if you were to unblock me from AIM and you tryed sampling better you would suck again would suck.

You think your great because your music theory is better than mine, but I can still make better music than you, Trust me.

Now don't respond to this review saying "GO FUCK A SHEEP NEW ZEALANDER" or "YOUR MOM" because its not even funny.

AGAIN, dont use my Newgrounds shit as an example, its not even worth it.

You think your tough saying in an internet review "Your dick is 0.00000000000001mm long LOL ROFL LMAO" but you blocked p00pm00s3 when he told you he was adopting a moose to your house dumbass.

Well thats the end of that, Enjoy.

-- HeavyMetalHampster aka. BETTER THAN JOO.

MarleyEFuck responds:

Also you're a hack. You stupid little boy.

Deathstouch Deathstouch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thats fucking great

That was some flashy guitar playing but when you render your songs don't render them in mono and pan your guitars out to make them really heavy.

Don't use my songs on newgrounds as an example but i can send you my newer, better shit.


BuryYourFace responds:

Out of all respect... What the hell do you mean "Don't use my songs on newgrounds as an example", We don't use anyone elses shit, just covers and the shit off our minds. Any similarity between our music and others is highly coincidential... or however you spell it. If it is something you've done in the past we'll be more than welcome to redo our shit. Any other questions feel free to contact me.

Acid Rock Groove Acid Rock Groove

Rated 0 / 5 stars

you are gay

You think you are so smart with comebacks that my little sister would say, you are gay and you cant play guitar compared to my mate in my band who is 14 and has been playing for 8 years, so go sit down, watch your favorite channel, Nickolodeon, steal some gay comebacks and use them on Newgrounds, and how are you supposed to humiliate some one through typing to them on your computer you fucking dipshit.

-- Heavymetalhampster.

and dont call us New Zealanders sheep fuckers because If a New Zealander caught you saying the shit you do they would probably beat you to a fucking pulp.

MarleyEFuck responds:

You have too much time on your hands.

Legend 2 - Epilouge Legend 2 - Epilouge

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good

you pulled off the different noises quite well

Zelda: Song of Time Variant Zelda: Song of Time Variant

Rated 0 / 5 stars

hey fucker

yeah i have a shitty rig but i still make better shit than you do so no you still suck big nasty floppy donkey fucking dick.

MarleyEFuck responds:

Hey you little queer piece of shit. I disagree, all your music is monotonous and boring. You can't play ANYTHING for shit and you're a stupid little middle school fag. You must be hurt really bad to put me up on your profile.
Let it sting, little bitch.

Techno/Industrial Punk Techno/Industrial Punk

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The song was quite good

but your a fucker, yeah i got the loop of acid cut it up, replaced it, put it through a bass saturator and reverb filter and its got probably more fuckin layers than this, its called slicing/sampling and to be honest i think that im pretty good a 13 year old thats been playing guitar for 3 months or so and has fruity loops.

so in conclusion you can go suck some more donkey dick.

-- heavy metal hampster

MarleyEFuck responds:

Oh you're really clever. You know I spent about 20 minutes on this song, so if you think it's quite good it proves how stupid you are. I haven't put any of my guitar recordings on here, but I plan to. In comparison to the shit you have on your belt, I've been playing guitar for five years, piano for four and my guitar is a Parker Fly. My keyboard is a Korg Triton. No doubt you play some kind of shitty fender or ibanez and have some half assed audio workstation rig.
Plus fruity loops sucks, acid is better, and learn how to use an audio editor like goldwave.

Oops looks like you're the one sucking the donkey dick now, shit for shit.

Meaty Chunks Meaty Chunks

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Good but..

Try layering the guitar over the top of another so that it gives you a punchy, rip your head off style anyway good track and i liked that screaming part at the end of the riff.

jarrydn responds:

I did layer the guitars, and there was no screaming part :/

Are you sure you have the right song dude??? :D ;)